Feeling Fat Today

I woke up to an overly fat stomach.  I felt that I just rolled over on a stability ball.  Does everything have to just sit on your belly.  Why can’t it sit on my ankles and give me those thick Eastern European ankles.

I just wanted to  start running for as long as I could, until I see it going down. Wouldn’t that be great just start running and watch your belly go down.

I can see the commercial.

“These are the most amazing running shoes, just select the amount of fat you want off you belly then start running.  Let the shoes just keep you going.”

My personal trainer friend Sarge in Oro Valley, Tucson, AZ just started his own fitness boot camp at (www.bootcampfitnessorovalley.com) cause he said he felt that belly issue a few years back and thought he would do something about it.

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Recycle Your Life

RecyclelifeCan imagine if you could know for a fact that you can recycle you life?  Just say ok I am ready to recycle this life and do a do over.  What would you do?  Would be the same thing you did last time?

Would you be smarter, stronger, bigger, more creative?

This is a question that I ponder because if really think about it we really do recycle our lives daily.  We never been to this day.  This is brand new and we can be someone new, do something different, create something amazing.

But why do we not?

I guess cause we don’t believe that our day is recycled.  We don’t believe that the things that happened in our past is really gone.

No, I am not talking about we don’t have a remembrance of those things.  But we don’t have to ever relieve them again.  Take your childhood if you were raised in an abusive household would you go back there and relive it again.  I would say “Not!”

We do it!

I to have heard that life repeats itself but I believe we got it all wrong.  What I believe is life replenishes itself.  That means that what is here now is the better version of the old.  So you and me are better versions of ourselves now.

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What to do to not be bored with your life?

Have you awaken to a day that it seems that you just can’t get away from the fact that you are bored.  You just feel like nothing will interest you.

Today I woke up that way.  I thought I could shake it but I just couldn’t.  Over and over again in my head I am thinking that “man can I just get out of this bored funk.”

So I tried to read a book.  Well this probably started the whole thing.  Never ever, ever read a book when you are board it is just a waste of time because you’re going to find yourself even more bored.

You are probably wandering why am I not at work.  Well I decided that today was going to be my Ferris Bueller day.  So I skipped work.

Don’t look at me like that, you’ve skipped to.  Playing sick after that drunken Get it togethernight at the club.  Who are you kidding?

That is probably why I was so bored.  When you think you are getting away with something it seems karma comes back to bite you in the butt.

But why does it have to be opposite of what you did.  Here is what I mean, sneak an extra snack after my wife tells me that I shouldn’t have another.  Then that darn karma kicks in and I end up having sprinkles.

Oh I forgot you don’t know me yet.  Sprinkles is what men get after they use the bathroom and shake to hard.  It get all over your clothes and shoes the whole day you smell like pure-d-piss.

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